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Thoughts of Mad Dollmaster

Монологи о разном

24 November
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Hello! I want to tell something about myself. I'm studying filology and also 'russian as foreign', because I think that russian language can be useful even for you. Believe me, it's really good thing. Also I play guitar, not extremely good, but it's getting better, so one day I'll become a famous musician, haha. I like drawing very much, usually it's small small sketches made by or drawings in photoshop. I hope I'll show it here soon. So if you like drawing too - it's great! Also I write short stories and make pictures for them, so I have created already a fairyland with a lot of characters, but don't think that I'm crazy. Maybe a little bit. I'm a dollmaster and I have made a few of my own dolls. But I prefer to think, that they are not dolls but characters with their own wishes and reality. Remember, that I'm not crazy! I would like not to chat with everybody without any interesting themes like "What's the weather is here?" and so on. Believe me, I can be very serious and boring person, so if don't want something to do, I'll tell you immediately. But if you are interesting person who likes music and anything else, I'll be glad to see you! Thanks!